Police Department 860-379-2721


Fire Department 860-379-5155


For Emergencies dial 911

Contact Directory

Feel free to contact us with any of your questions and inquiries.

Our Main Telephone Number at City Hall:    (860) 379-2713

Our Fax Number at City Hall:     (860) 738-7053

Our Email Address:    info@townofwinchester.org

Our Mailing Address:    338 Main Street, Winsted, CT 06098

Town Hall Employees

Contact Numbers & E-Mail Addresses

Brenda Fox-Howard            738-6961       bfox-howard@townofwinchester.org
Garrity, Colleen                  379-6994       CGarrity@townofwinchester.org   
Herzog, Ross                     379-6994       Ross@townofwinchester.org 

Assessor’s Office
Roy, Rhonda                     379-5461       Rhonda@townofwinchester.org

Building Department

Melanson, Marc                  379-3818       MarcM@townofwinchester.org
Miller-Nalette, Ellen             379-3818       EllenM@townofwinchester.org
Williams, Steve                  379-3818       SWilliams@townofwinchester.org

Collector of Revenues
Boutin, Arlene                    379-4474      ArleneB@townofwinchester.org

Data Processing/Purchasing
Douglass, Mark                  738-6960      MarkD@townofwinchester.org
Lemelin, Sandra                 379-6994      SandyL@townofwinchester.org

Inland Wetlands
Eisenlohr, Scott                  738-6980      Scott@townofwinchester.org

Mayor’s Office
Candace Bouchard               379-2713      

Police Department
Chief William T. Fitzgerald, JR  379-2721      Wnchstr.pd@snet.net
Venezia, Kathy                   379-2721      KathyVpd@snet.net

Public Works
Rollins, James                    379-4070       dpwdirector@townofwinchester.org
Phelps, Sandy                    379-4070       SandraP@townofwinchester.org

Tanya Risucci                     738-6964       recreationdirector@townofwinchester.org

Senior Center
Schroeder, Ellen                 379-4252       SeniorDir@charterinternet.com

Town Clerk
Carriere, Cheryl                 738-6963       CherylC@townofwinchester.org
Sedlack, Sheila                  738-6963       SheilaS@townofwinchester.org

Town Manager
Bessette, Laurie                 379-2713       LBessette@townofwinchester.org
Martin, Dale                       738-6962       TownManager@townofwinchester.org

Town Planner
Town Planner                     738-6593
Miller-Nalette, Ellen             738-6593      PZCSecretary@townofwinchester.org







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